The power of Instagram Stories: How to use IG Stories to build your brand.

Ladies! I am super excited to have Verity from Style Up Social Academy join the Mum-Folk blog this week. 

If you have been following me on my social platforms you will know that I’ve been talking about Instagram Stories recently, particularly how to elevate your Stories style to gain brand awareness and engage your audience. 

Verity is also incredibly passionate about IG Stories and knows the power they hold for businesses on Instagram. Verity runs a boutique Social Media Agency for Fashion businesses and manages several accounts as well as running training and consultancy sessions. She has seen first hand how having consistent branded IG Stories can impact the growth of a brand.  

Just some of the reasons I invited Verity to talk about this on the blog and be Mum-Folk’s first ever guest blogger! As a strategic Social Media Specialist she offers great insight into how to make IG Stories benefit your business. This is what she had to say about utilising this powerful platform to grow your business:


as small business owners, why should we be creating instagram stories?

Given that Stories disappear within 24hours it can be tempting to dismiss their importance but within the world of Social Media Marketing, it’s all about showing up. Consistently.

Especially within the world of Instagram and Instagram Stories to be more specific. This is the platform people engage with the most. It is where people want to see you and your business. Think of Instagram as people getting to you and your brand, and IG Stories is there to help deepen that relationship.  

What I am particularly intrigued by is that Instagram reports that 1 in every 5 stories results in a direct message. In other words, when you create content, you have an opportunity to start a conversation with a potential customer or client 20% of the time. You don’t even have to do any selling! And to top of this incredible statistic, Instagram also includes DM’s as part of the algorithm so the more your followers engage with your content the more your content will be shown in their feeds.  

Since Instagram Stories launched, there has been a big shift in users habits, seeing more people focus their time on story content than their overall feeds. 

Creating Instagram Stories ticks so many boxes for driving your business forward, you can’t afford to not to be involved!

How can we make the most out of this platform?

Branded content is incredibly popular on Instagram. 

As well as more than half of Instagram users look at a business profile every single day, creating branded story content has many other benefits…. 

  • In a world of saturated content you need to stand out. 

  • Helps you become recognisable and therefore you build brand awareness quicker. 

  • It’s overall more engaging.  

  • It’s not enough to have a quality product or service, you need to know how to talk about it in a way that differentiates you from the crowd. 

  • You build more of a connection with your audience because branded content is consistent content and therefore more trustworthy.

So before you delve into making content for your stories to build your brand, you do need to have a clear idea of your what your branded content looks like. Luckily, Helen’s guide is jammed packed with advice, tips and examples of how to do that!

How to brand your Instagram Stories free guide.png

Want to know the secrets to creating beautifully designed Instagram Stories?

WHAT ARE YOUr top TIPS FOR HOW TO USE iNSTAgRAM stories to build a brand?

One thing I know people struggle the most with when it comes to stories is coming up with content ideas. Most of the time this is because there hasn’t been time invested in creating a content strategy.  

Another aspect that hasn’t been considered is, how can you make your stories different to your grid? 

One thing you need to be weary of is not posting the same content on your grid AND stories.  

Use stories to tell a different side of your business to the grid.  Let your audience in on a completely different way. You are not just selling a product or a service, you are selling what your brand stands for, your values, your community and your culture.  

When I create an IG Storie strategy for my brands, I create 5 sub story content topics that make up the elements of the brand.  

Ask yourself, what makes your brand a one stop shop for my audience so they can resonate with me on a different level? 

What are your brand values and how can you talk about them in Stories? What is the culture and lifestyle your audience aspires to and how can you showcase that in Stories? What inspires you and your brand? 

For example, a luxury fitness fashion brand I worked on an IG Storie content strategy for included:

  • Luxury travel

  • The best fitness retreats and spas across the world 

  • Their London neighbour 

  • Design inspiration behind the products 

  • Wellness topics 

As you can imagine these sub story subjects could then be broken down either further, and therefore, countless story ideas were generated.  And not only that, the audience grew their relationship with the brand, it created conversation, generated more engagement and pulled in more of an audience which in turn grew the business! 

If you haven’t done so already, spend some time generating your sub story subjects and how that can represented to build your brand on Instagram Stories. 

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About Verity

Verity is the founder of Style Up Social Academy, a boutique Social Media Agency for Fashion businesses. She helps brands such as Jagaer look good online by creating powerful social media strategies that help these brands tell their unique story and attract more attention online. She shares awesome tips on how how to leverage your social media over on her Instagram and Facebook group.

Have you worked out your brand sub-stories yet? Let me know in the comments below

Helen x