The Outfitters Kids

Creating a bespoke brand identity.



The Outfitters Kids is a subscription clothing service and when the founders Emily & Liv first approached me in the summer of 2018 to work together to create a tailored brand identity, I jumped at the chance! What immediately set The Outfitters Kids apart was their fashion brand knowledge and their ability to curate gorgeous tailored looks - combined with a clever business model - delivered right to your door. The perfect service for busy working mums who still want their kids can look as stylish as they do.

Artboard 2-100.jpg

The brief

Emily & Liv wanted to communicate a high-end, luxury feel for their kids clothing subscription service describing their brand personality as the ideal ‘Parisienne woman' - minimal, stylish and effortlessly chic. It needed to appeal to fashion focused parents, look desirable and have an aspirational touch. The scope of the project included crafting a bespoke brand identity including primary and secondary logo designs, colour palette and font choices but also creating brand elements which they could use to create memorable marketing assets such as thank you cards, apply to the design of their subscription boxes as well as templates for their social media feeds.


The outcome

Taking inspiration from a history of luxury fashion brands and the concept of a ‘boutique’ service, I designed a word mark logo that optimises The Outfitters Kids brand personality - it’s simple, elegant yet memorable through the subtle connection of the letterforms, communicating their unique attention to detail. Elements from the primary logo were then crafted into a secondary logo mark which could be used for the brand’s social media profiles and packaging sticker designs.

A soft and subtle, gender neutral colour palette was crafted to further convey the brand’s personality. This was also applied to a custom made terrazzo style pattern. The pattern design connotes a link to vintage fashion boutiques and the idea of receiving a personal stylist service. The pattern also creates flexibility within the brand identity and can be applied to a range of assets including inside the design of the subscription box, the ‘thank you’ card mailer and within the brand’s Instagram templates.


the outfitters kids brand board

The final results - here are how all of the brand elements come together to create a bespoke and memorable brand identity.


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